We’ve taken the time to find our Partners the most suitable SIP products that will allow you to offer the best solution for your customers.


What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is a way of providing telephone calls using data rather than fixed lines. Using SIP provides the ability to make and receive calls using IP technology without needing to completely replace your legacy PBX.

With greater flexibility and resilience, it optimises your data connection, so you have one line for both voice calls and your internet. With SIP, you’ll get the benefits of a hosted voice solution on the existing phone system you’ve already got in place.


What are the key benefits of SIP Trunking?

  • Cost savings – Use SIP Trunks to reduce your ISDN connections in addition to call cost savings and maintenance costs of your PBXs.
  • Minimises disruption – There’s no need to replace your existing phone system, so it becomes an ideal, low-cost replacement for ISDN
  • Business Continuity – With automatic call diverts you’ll never miss a call
  • Security – Fraud management and call-spend limits allow you to stay in complete control
  • Flexibility – If you’re scaling up operations or moving premises, you don’t need to change your phone numbers


Why should my Customers consider SIP?

Businesses continue to use and rely on their PBX and ISDN to facilitate their calls. ISDN is an ageing technology and BT plan to switch off the ISDN network completely in 2025. SIP trunking is a lower cost per channel than ISDN, it allows the customer to use both non-geographic and geographic numbers on the same solution and allows them to continue to use their existing PBX and handsets. 

There is an abundance of cheaper and versatile options now widely available as alternatives, and many businesses have already made the switch to SIP trunking and other IP telephony solutions. 

If your customers are hesitant to take the leap and adopt a fully hosted voice solution, then SIP Trunking can be a suitable alternative to help transition them towards IP telephony and the Cloud.


How does it work with Number Manager?

Our SIP trunking solution is fully integrated with our existing Inbound Call Management Portal - Number Manager, so you can be confident you’re offering the best solutions to your new and existing customers.

This gives the user access to a range of call management functions such as:

  • IVR Auto Attendant
  • Call queuing
  • Hunt groups
  • Ratio Call Plan
  • Pre-Connection greetings
  • Agent Ready

Easily manage the above through a simple and intuitive app and control outbound call settings and reporting - all in one place.


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