We’re proud to announce we have now launched the Chess Cloud PBX App. Designed to simply communications across your business.

You can access the portal via your browser or store the app locally on your device. This means, should you not have your phone to hand, you can still stay connected.

The app integrates the user in more ways than one. This means all your benefits such as call history, conference bridges, and user settings are stored in one handy location, creating a seamless user experience.

One of our favourite features is the call hand-off and hand-back. This allows you to move swiftly and undisturbed from one device to another, meaning if you’re on a call via your laptop and you need to leave the office, you can simply switch to your mobile without ending the call.

Never miss an important call with the Cloud PBX Softphone App. If you have no WIFI or 4G, you can still make and receive calls via your dedicated mobile number.

The Benefits:

  • Call Handling
  • GSM Passthrough
  • Integrated private and corporate address books
  • Easy log in via a browser or store on your device 
  • Easy click and drag calls
  • Conference bridges
  • Simplified call transferring
  • Multiple call forwarding profiles
  • Advanced call history
  • Voicemail access
  • Fax facilities
  • Call queue integration


The Chess Cloud PBX App enables you to remain professional by presenting your office number when calling out via your mobile.

All the benefits are easily managed via the user-friendly portal. Each user can be swiftly added and has instant access to all the key features.

Interested in installing the App? Contact your account manager or call 0808 231 5373 Today.