Here are five of Joe's blogs that focus on some of the security issues relevant to many of us. They give a good insight into the subject areas without being too technical and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Protecting Your Personal Data 

Cyber attacks are on the increase and your personal data and a single compromised account can lead to a domino effect. The truth is - these attackers have more time than before.. With this in mind, and because we are all busy it's never been more important to protect our personal data. 

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Internet Trackers - Who is Monitoring Your Online Activity

Internet Trackers and monitoring your online activity is a big subject, so let's look at two main companies - Facebook and Google.  Facebook is an advertising company first and foremost. If I am a company and I want to sell my niche product of novelty socks in the UK, I can go to Facebook, choose the product I am trying to sell, and their algorithm and data store will target the people most likely to buy my product.

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Keeping Your Child Safe on the Internet

Children and their first access to the Internet can be worrying. What you can do as parents, what pitfalls exist, and how the line between home and the classroom is not only blurred but is nearly non-existent. For this one I will be using personal experiences and talking honestly as it's a topic close to my heart and I do go to a lot of schools to discuss these topics with children and parents.

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Algorithms and Assessing the Risk of What You See and Say Online

Let's look at social manipulation and how we all need more critical thinking in our lives to assess the risk of what we are seeing and saying. Nearly everything you do online is tracked, quantified, and assessed. There is a reason products like Facebook and Google can run for free, and that's because of advertising. The proven effectiveness of their algorithms reach and "click-through" differentiate them from competitors. 

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Securing Remote Workers

Most organisations already allow some degree of remote working. If you’re on the IT team, you’re probably used to preparing laptops for staff to use remotely, and setting up mobile phones with access to company data for salespeople on the road, or anyone who works remotely.

It’s vital to make sure that the precautions you’re taking to protect the physical health of your staff don’t create a threat to your cybersecurity health by opening you up to security risk. 
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