Wednesday 19th August

08.30: All services are now back online and fully restored. Issue resolved. 
Our Service Desk is prioritising any outstanding customer queries related to this outage

Tuesday 18th August

21:00: Services continue to come back online. Engineers are still on-site and will work overnight to restore remaining services. This will be our final update this evening and the next update will be at 08.30 Wednesday 19th August.

17.00: Services continue to be restored but tentative full restoration has been pushed back to 21.00. Next update 21.30

14.45: Some services are beginning to be restored and our suppliers are working towards a tentative full restoration time of 16.30. Next update 5pm

12.30: At the moment there is no further update but we are working with our suppliers to get a more comprehensive update on time to resolution. 

11.30: Engineers have now been allowed back into the affected area of the building and are continuing to investigate. Some services are being migrated to alternative infrastructure.

09.30Engineers are on site and are working towards restoring services to all customers.

We are currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes to our Service Desk.