11.05 am: We are aware of an issue affecting some Hosted Voice services. This problem is at supplier level and is affecting a small number of customers. Engineers have been allocated to investigate the cause of the fault, which is being treated as high priority.

11.50 am: Engineers are continuing to confirm a fix for the issue, this continues to be a high priority.

12.40 pm: Most services have started to come back online, but customers may still experience intermittent issues.

1.35 pm: Our suppliers are taking further action to expedite the recovery of service. Customers may still experience intermittent issues.

2.35 pm: Further action has been taken to stabilise the service. Customers should see improvements within the next hour.

3.35 pm: Additional fixes have been implemented, but a small number of customers may still be affected.

4.40 pm: Some customers may still be affected by connection issues, engineers continue to investigate a fix.

The issue looks to have been resolved for all customers. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.