I thought it would be interesting to explore the top 5 reasons they are keen to retain or invest in on-premise PBX solutions.

1. Financial Flexibility (Capex v Opex)

The great news about an on-premise system is the financial flexibility it provides. Cloud models require some form of ongoing rental to continue to provide service, which although easier to afford in the short term, in the long run can cost you more.

With an on premise PBX you can pay for it all upfront and pay an annual support charge – and within reason the longer you keep the system the less it costs you. Equally lease options mean that if you want to you can lease the system and spread the payment over the term of the lease.

2. Feature Rich

Most cloud solutions are feature light compared with on premise PBX’s which have an extensive feature set that has been developed over the years.

Often that one feature that your business needs doesn’t exist on a new cloud solution – and you must change the way you work or not move to the cloud. Customers may only discover this when they have moved and this might be too late.

3. Devices and Local Connectivity

On premise systems usually come equipped with a huge range of device options – specifically manufactured to complement each other which can put the range of handsets and devices on a cloud PBX to shame.

Whether that be Dect handset, feature phones, reception consoles – or even the ability to easily link to local systems such as public address systems, door entry systems, hotel billing systems, mobile telephony, and remote workers

4. Scalability

Selecting a mature, on-premise system gives you flexibility from home-working through to multi-site settings and mobile applications, usually designed from the ground up to deliver a seamless user experience.

On many cloud systems you need to join several third-party packages to provide a single system. This is especially true around software add ons such as call recording, Contact centre and Unified Communications.

5. Protecting Investment

In larger businesses, we see a desire to protect the investment in devices and systems. This is especially true if there has been a significant investment in handsets or user training.

For many of us simply upgrading the system to add more features is a better option than to rip out and replace it with a brand-new cloud solution as this usually involves replacing all your devices and retraining the whole business.