Martin Bacon, our Cloud Voice Specialist, presented the Old V New World Technology webinar, in which he discusses what is defined as New World Technology, what is the opportunity and how Chess can support you in selling those products.

New world technology includes Cloud PBX, NGNs, IP Connectivity, Networking Equipment and Wifi, as well as the support you can provide for all these services and products.

Martin stresses the importance of modernising your portfolio since your competitors will be taking advantage of the newly created opportunities.

BT's ISDN Decommission is one of the most significant drivers for a switch to cloud-based services. No additional channels will be added to the existing ISDN after 2020. Since this date is creeping up on us, businesses are rushing to switch to IP based communications.

Opportunity Example:

Cloud Telephony in the UK

  • 4 million seats over the next four years
  • Average Run Rate of 50,000 seats per month being sold
  • Long term contractual revenues for the service as well as support
  • One-off revenues for installation and project management
  • ISDN Decommission

Revenues and Margins Examples:

The average margin is 40% per seat on Cloud PBX with contracts varying between three and seven years. For example, one of our mobile Partners, a small business with two sales and three support people, successfully generates over £100,000 per month utilising their existing customer base.

Among the benefits of taking on these new world products, you also boast a wider service portfolio, which lets you attract multiple recurring revenue streams. The contracts are for longer periods which makes the customers 'sticky' with many opportunities to cross and up-sell.

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