1. “It costs a lot of money to change”

Cloud solutions are increasingly within the budget of many more SMEs – and that’s before factoring in unforeseen costs associated with extended outages caused by unsupported software

  1. “There’s nothing wrong with the old equipment we’re using”

If your business is relying on products which Microsoft no longer support, then you’re putting your operation at risk. It will not be possible to source compatible backup, virtualisation and anti-virus products and your business will be vulnerable to attack from malware, viruses and hacking.

  1. “Planning a migration is going to take a lot of time and resource”

It’s a process which can be handled efficiently and effectively, creating minimum disruption to the business, by an outsourced IT supplier – leaving you free to focus on running your business

  1. “I’ve only got a handful of employees – it’s not worth it”

A low monthly cost offers access to a level of functionality in the past available only to large enterprises, creating a secure and complaint environment, managed by outsourced experts.

  1. “We don’t have a use for cloud solutions as we all use our own devices”

Office 365 and anti-ransomware can be used on any device and licences can be reassigned any time, free of charge.

  1. “We can’t see any advantages in hosting our office in the cloud”

Cloud gives you the power and flexibility to run your business anywhere on any device. A combination of familiar apps and new tools ensure that you’re more than ready to take on whatever challenges your day presents.

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