• Box or Bespoke CRM
  • Excel Customer Contract Sheet combined with Outlook Calendar
  • Simple, effective proactive steps for the size and scope of your business.


Basic Strategy

Retention management is based on the relationship foundation. Emotion drives decisions more than ever. Build it into your initial pitch and be adaptable to need throughout the contract.

Business needs, your contacts and people’s attitudes to relationships change. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even to your oldest clients.

When you retain, make sure you refresh their preferences on contact method and billing/tariff review. Assumption blindsides even the best relationships.

Focus on simple, proactive processes rather than extensive options that over complicate solutions.


Churn Prevention

Ask yourself:

How are your processes best in class?
What end to end plan do you have for customers?
What resources are you using to achieve best practice?
Can you offer a cross-product loyalty to your customer?
When it doesn’t go right, do you perform a root cause analysis?
What kind of reviews will help you grow the customer with your business?
If churn is truly unavoidable, how easy do you make things for the customer?


Helpful Resource

Your Chess Partner Customer Experience Leader

Bespoke training and support for you, your staff on simple customer retention process. Brainstorming of plans and reviews of the procedure.

Chess Partner Retention Team, Sales Desk & Your Chess BDM

Reporting, funding requests and assistance to close the deals that retain your customers. Support with network lead CSI and any associated challenges.

Welcome pack templates, Resign pack templates or visual/pictorial key content communications

Easy, informative documentation that is useful at every stage of the journey. Either used as a stock document or engineered with brainstorm support from Chess to hit the right note with your base.


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General CX, Contact Strategy & Retention Planning Queries
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