To celebrate International Women’s Day 2018, Chess’ Director of Culture, Kate Wood, visited The Derby High School in Bury. Kate joined an array of other inspirational women who have followed different career paths and life choices including governors, solicitors, police detectives and personal trainers to talk to the girls about their own life experiences and careers.

The event was aimed at Year 9 and presented the opportunity to speak to each of the different women about their own experiences at school, including if there was anything they wish they’d done differently, what advice they would give their 14yearold selves and what in their opinion is the best thing about being a woman.

The girls heard about the importance of resilience, to stand up and overcome issues and how they can help to stand for equality and change.

Ms Heath had organised the event that proudly ran under the banner of:

“I am strong, I am smart, I can do anything, I am a woman!”

This was a superb morning that motivated, inspired and raised the aspirations of all the students involved. Kate told us; “It was great to be part of such a positive event with women from different industries. If women of any age can be inspired to be that little bit more courageous and believe they can achieve anything, then the workplace of the future will be a very exciting place.”

Thanks to The Derby High School for letting us be part of the day!