Both come with great features. Let’s take a look to see what the features are in G Suite.

GSuite comes with loads of apps giving you the ability to complete that important day to day tasks. Included with GSuite you get Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Google Keep and Hangouts. 

GSuite is on an online-based Suite but has the ability to work in offline mode, so when you are unable to connect to the internet, you can continue to work. Gsuite comes with mobile apps to really help you to keep productive on the move and there is always 24/7 support either via phone, email or online support.

So what features do you get as part of the Office 365 suite?

Included you get outlook, OneDrive, word, excel, PowerPoint, one-note, SharePoint, yammer, skype for business, teams and a few more.  

As Office 365 is cloud-based its always for easy collaboration between team members, and all of the information will be kept up to date with the cloud, keeping you in sync all of the time. With office 365 you have the ability to either use their online versions of applications or you can download all of the apps like word, excel and so on, and when you work on a document it the will automatically sync with the cloud to keep all your information up to date and secure. Office 365 allows installation on up to 5 devices per user which is great because as we want to able to access our work from our smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Both platforms do offer some sort of security protection to your data and documents. On GSuite they offer a two-step verification and single sign-on. You can also use mobile management to keep your data safe in the event of a lost device or employee turnover. Archive email messages and on the record charts, and control how long they are retained for. There is easily configurable security setting from a centralised admin console.

Over on Office 365, it has a lot of built-in security features to keep your company’s data safe. What comes included are items like Message Encryption, stopping anyone other than the intended recipient from reading the contents of your email. There is Advanced Threat Analytics, this is a machine learning system that helps to detect and alert you to suspicious activity straight away. You do have mobile device management; this helps you secure and manage office employee’s mobile device to protect private company information. You can create and manage devices security policies, remotely wipe a device and view detailed device reports.  And finally comes with Data Loss Prevention, this monitors emails and prevents sensitive information from leaving your business or organisation.

But how easy is it to use Gsuite and Office 365

Both GSuite and Office 365 are very user-friendly, meaning that most people can use it in the working environment. As GSuite is accessed through a web browser or through your app on your device, this means your documents can be accessed on any device, from laptop to mobile to tablet.

If you work in an industry that needs to collaborate with various people in different offices With GSuite that’s not a problem. As GSuite is cloud-based, it means you can edit and collaborate on documents in real-time, meaning you get tasks done in a timely manner.

If you or your team are really familiar with the Microsoft family of apps then Office 365 might be better for you and your business. Most of us have or have used apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint in our career at some point. Its interface is easy to use and can be used by most people. Office 365 is great for communication and collaboration within a business no matter what size. You can edit and share your documents from anywhere, you can either use office 365 on the web browser or you can use the software on your devices as you can install them up to 5 devices per user, making your work really accessible.

So how much will all this cost

GSuite has 3 simple pricing bands, and all offer different elements depending on your business requirements. Starting with the basic package from £4.60 per user per month, with a professional office suite with 30gb of storage. Then moving into the Business tear for £9.20 per user per month, this offers an enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and archiving and finally the Enterprise package for £20 per user per month, this offers a premium office suite with advanced controls and capabilities.

Office 365 has some really good pricing packages. Starting from £3.80 per user per month on the office 365 business essential package, this is best for a business that needs business email and other business services on PC, Mac or mobile. Desktop versions of applications are not included only the web and mobile versions. The second package is the Office 365 Business package at £7.90 per user per month. This is best for a business that needs office applications plus cloud file storage and sharing on Pc, Mac or mobile but no business emails are not included in this package. And the last one is the Office 365 Business Premium package for £9.40 per user per month. Again, a package great for business that needs business email, office applications and other businesses services on PC, Mac or mobile.

But overall what do I think…

Both Gsuite and Office 365 are great for businesses on the go. If you are your team are looking for familiarity, programmes that you know and love like Word, Excel, PowerPoint then this might be for you and your business.  The beauty of office 365 is that you have the ability to still use the full applications and allow them to save automatically via your cloud storage, so your documents will always be in sync. Office 365 comes packed with loads of features and great tools for communication. Office comes with all the supported apps to ensure you can keep working on the go.

Gsuite does have all the elements required to keep your business moving, from emails, documents, spreadsheets and presentations. I do love the live edit element of Gsuite. Meaning team members can all edit the same document at the same time, and in real-time. Giving you a real experience of team collaboration. However, if I’m working from a computer, I do prefer to have the full application and not use just a web-based product, but that’s just me. The winner has to be Microsoft Office 365!

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