Kate, what does it take to work at Chess and what stands out to her in candidates.

To work at Chess, I always say you need grit – this is a combination of passion and perseverance. I believe with these two things you can achieve anything.

For me, it’s not about just focusing on what qualifications you have, it’s about finding people who want to succeed and try their best, however big or small the task. I really believe that you can achieve at Chess even if you haven’t before, it’s about pushing yourself. We employ good people and help them to achieve great.

Chess is a challenging, exciting and fast-paced environment. We love to work hard and we also play hard. We all get together to celebrate our success at our Summer Conference and Christmas Party, also each site is able to bring their family along to the annual Chesstival at their site. 

We have a 12-month cultural calendar for each site which includes a variety of events ranging from sky dives, colour runs and Pub Clubs, to team lunches and dress down days. On top of that, we’re committed to playing our part in the wider community. We match £100 for charity when our people raise £100 and we’ve been a supporter of the Princes Trust for the last 12 years.

What’s your Top Interview Tip?

Just be yourself and try to get your personality over - don’t try and be perfect. I know it’s hard, as interviews are nerve wracking, but I never recruit people just because they have a good CV or because they say what they think I want to hear. I want to see the real you.

With applications first landing with our Chess recruitment consultants, we asked Taqdees what they look for…

 I always look for good attitude and energy, a desire to progress and the ability to embrace the Chess Culture.

Personally, I focus a lot on progression, because everyone wants more! We usually advise that at Chess, everyone’s professional development is in their own hands and couple that with our continued expansion and development opportunities, there is always opportunity to progress.”

So Taq, what would be your Interview Top Tip?

My general top tip for most roles is simple – Attitude, Energy, Drive and Determination. A candidate could have a good set of technical skills that are perfect for the job. Having a positive attitude and energy together with the drive and ambition to do well, will open up opportunities to them in the future and is exactly what we look for in Chess People.

Chess People benefit from health and pension plans, a share-option scheme, flexible working hours, complemented by some more unusual benefits such as massages, breakfast clubs, flu jabs, sponsorships for qualifications and happiness training, conducted by the company CEO David Pollock.

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