None of us can afford poorly performing people at the moment. Using Engage's powerful method of ranking performance, 1-5, it is easy for you to identify, support and then if required, exit non performers.


Carry out regular 121s to drive communication and increase productivity. A 121 is a short, regular meeting (virtual or physical) with each of your team members, where performance can be discussed, feedback given, and actions agreed for the month ahead. Engage provides a simple, step by step process which guides conversation and records results for future 121s.


Make decisions based on data. Measure engagement, and then act on what your analysis is telling you. It is rare for managers to tell you they aren’t coping, but underlying data can uncover this. Engage comes with a range of powerful people analytics and insights that will help you to understand what is really going on in your team or business.


The ability to publicly praise your people is vital. The value in saying well done and pointing out what great looks like can’t be underestimated. Engage has an in-built praise tool to thank team members, celebrate success in a fun, easy way and give reward and recognition.


Remote workers can feel out of the loop and lose track of the company vision. Engage allows you to post news into a central place and notify your people when you have done so, helping them keep in touch wherever they are, on any device.

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