Cyber hacking is the new ‘trend’ for many criminals and they’re getting smarter. Making sure your business is protected is a New Year’s resolution people are adopting.

2019 will be the year businesses will face the first raft of GDPR fines, are you fully compliant?

Cleansing your systems may mean improving the speed of your internet connection or moving to the cloud for reliability, security and flexibility.

Read the top 6 ways to protect your business.


1. Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a systematic process of probing for vulnerabilities in your applications and networks. It is essentially a controlled form of hacking in which the 'attackers' operate on your behalf to find the sorts of weaknesses that criminals exploit.

A ‘Pen Test’ is becoming a necessity to protect businesses.



2. Improving Your Internet Connection

The connectivity that underpins your processes, supports your people and keeps your customers coming back is key to your business success. Slow, underpowered or unreliable internet provision hinders efficiency and productivity whilst increasing frustration and stress for your people. Meanwhile, your competitors are racing ahead. What connection is right for you – find out with the Chess decision tree.


3. Cleaning up Your Data – GDPR

Companies covered by the GDPR are accountable for their handling of people's personal information. This includes having data protection policies, data protection impact assessments and having relevant documents on how data is processed. This year we will see the first influx of fines handed out by the ICO, make it your mission in 2019 to stay compliant.


4. Moving to the Cloud

The Cloud allows organisations to provide sophisticated applications that can be used by lots of people around the world all at the same time. Now, cloud applications let you access your documents and applications anywhere. That means you can use them at home, at work, at a friend’s house and even on your smartphone. Talk to a specialist to find out how the Cloud can work for your businesses.


5. Mobile Solutions for the Modern Worker

Staying connected in and out of the office is more important now than ever before, as many businesses adapt themselves to a flexible, dynamic way of working. A mission for many is to provide people with connection solutions such as devices and data to drive maximum working efficacy. Read our iPhone XR review here.


Did you know… 71% of employees spend over two hours a week accessing company information on a mobile.

6. Business Protection Training

Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising as a trustworthy entity. Some people in your workplace could be oblivious to phishing attacks which may cause your business serious harm. Investing in Chess in-house training could stop a serious data breach in 2019.


Businesses who protect, organise and declutter their data are likely to work more safely and effectively than those who don’t. Ensure you’re not slipping behind as the we move towards 2020.