Work Smarter - Use Our Customer Portal

  • New easy to view look and feel 
  • User-friendly dashboard to help navigate
  • Mobile and device friendly
  • Added security including two-factor authentication
  • More features coming soon

Watch our 2 minute video for a quick tour. View the easy login, find an invoice, make a payment, and log a query.

To activate your account follow the link HERE  

Tips to Login

It won’t accept my email address

  • You need to use the email address associated with your Chess account or the system will not recognise you as a customer. It may be worth checking with the person in your business who deals with accounts and payments as they may know the correct email to use.

I see this message “My account needs to be validated”

  • We will need to do this for you. To get a fast validation, you can call us on 0344 770 6000, select customer service from the main menu and then choose option 4 on the next menu.

The authentication is asking me to press the pound key

  • On a UK phone the pound key is the hash symbol # so you will need to use this when asked to.

I can’t access the verification code on the office phone

  • If you have used a landline number for the authentication process, you may be struggling to access the verification code. We advise that you change the landline number to a mobile number so that you can receive the code wherever you are. Please call us on 0344 770 6000 and we can reset the telephone number for you - when you hear the main menu, select customer service and then choose option 4 on the next menu.