Chess Partner: 2019 Round-up. Hollie Jervis takes us through an overview of what the year has delivered for our Partners, covering key areas of focus including: 

  • Partner Customer Experience
  • Chess Chats and Webinars 
  • Core Business Support
  • Partner Feedback and Engagement 
  • What's Next?


Partner Customer Experience

We actively strive to improve the customer experience delivered to our partners. Throughout the year we’ve created and implemented various resources, support and documents to engage and educate. These include an array of network, core business and bespoke training documents and webinars. 


Chess Chats and Webinars

We encourage our Partners to get to know the Chess Partner team and our key people. Chess Chats allow us to delve into understanding each team function and role focusing on how we work with our partners and the people we work with. Our training webinars are available to educate partners on specific topics. You can view all resources on our YouTube channel.


Core Business Support

At Chess Partner, we don’t expect a one-size-fits-all solution to work for our Partners. We’ve created a multitude of training materials to help each type and size of partner. These cover core business elements including how to manage retention, basic compliance, minimising churn and old to new world technologies. 


Partner Feedback and Engagement

Your feedback is invaluable to us. This helps us to better understand our Partners’ requirements to ensure our engagement and performance remains high. Our quarterly NPS surveys are instrumental in allowing us to understand this and review how Chess Partner are delivering against what we set out to achieve.


What's Next?

The launch of our customer experience partner journey project will be the driving force behind what we deliver next year and how our partnerships are supported. Additional training collateral will be available as well as further partner engagement events. Watch this space!


We’ve been working diligently all year round to provide a new level of content and engagement to our partners. Please continue to use the resources and training materials available for Airtime and Wholesale.

If you have any feedback, input or ideas for Partner engagement and development – we want to hear from you! Contact Hollie Jervis at, your Business Development Manager or the Chess Partner Support Team.