Companies are striving to facilitate home working, whilst tightening controls on their data; attempting to maintain a competitive, technological edge, whilst retaining financial control; supporting an increasingly mobile workforce whilst promoting teamwork and collaboration.

Estimates based on Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures indicate that within two years, 50% of the UK workforce will be working remotely. 

Companies who fail to put in place today the systems, tools and support necessary for the workforce of tomorrow may find themselves struggling to recruit and retain the best staff. Maintaining increasingly outdated or obsolete systems will impact on profitability and productivity, and as technology continues to evolve, bridging the widening gap will become even more challenging.

The solution?

Connect Bundles, NEW from Chess.

It’s the latest innovation from Chess, who for 25 years has helped guide, advise and design the technology and communication solutions needed to thrive in a digital workplace.

Contact our knowledgeable advisors a call to discuss how to introduce and integrate some or all options from the bundle solution, ensuring your business, your people and your customers have the technology and support they need to stay connected and protected.

Wherever they are.