The Commissions Team is responsible for managing process improvements, implementing different strategies based on partners feedback. They also allocate network payments, solve billing issues with the carriers and process new partner applications. Among their main duties is to ensure that partners are paid on time.



Weekly Connections


Every Friday weekly self-bills get generated for the previous week’s connections, and on the following Wednesday the partner receives the payment.

Payment for weekly connections is 1.5 weeks in arrears.


Revenue Share


On the first Friday of each month direct base partners receive a self-bill for the monthly revenue share, and on the following Wednesday the partner receives the payment.

On the last Friday of each month Chess base partners receive a self-bill for monthly revenue share, and on the following Wednesday the partner receives the payment.

For both Direct base and Chess base revenue share is two months in arrears.


Clawback Report


Based on our partners' feedback, we have released a new report to identify potential clawbacks. Particularly useful when a partner decides to opt for an advanced payment, but the connection disconnects early. The report is available on our partner portal, and we give our partners two weeks to investigate and raise any issues with us. The clawback invoices are raised only after this period has passed.

Your questions

Sometimes when we call the commissions number, we are still asked to email the details? 


While generic questions are fine to answer on the phone it is always preferable to email about commission queries. This enables us to get the correct information and log the issue from the first time.


When we raise queries sometimes it takes long to resolve and there is a lot of back and forth with the team – any plans to streamline?

Unfortunately, this is the nature of the business - many different departments are involved, and we need to collaborate with teams even outside of Chess. We notice the biggest delays when an issue or a query is escalated to the networks.

One way to reduce the email exchange is to use the queries template – ask your BDM or the team to provide you with the template to help you clarify what information you would need to include in your email.


Furthermore, a new project aimed to help improve the partner experience with Chess is to be revealed shortly.
We want to hear from you and learn more about how we can improve your overall experience so feel free to get in touch with the Commissions team on Plus for any escalations, you can get in touch directly with Tabassum on