Mark is able to support our Partners in sales, including join them in key meetings to guarantee deal close. Partners tend to offer better wrap services so they should not feel like they can’t approach bigger clients, but instead confidently expand their markets. Every partner is important as long as we continue to grow together.


This year EE successfully launched 5G in six cities, plus additional 10 cities to be launching in until the rest of the year.

The network team are working hard on growing and improving the coverage. While at the moment there are only three devices on the market, there will be other models coming in soon that will pen up new connection opportunities. Among the benefits for consumers are better connection in busy places, even faster and better quality, and instant connection – glitch free cloud working.

Introducing EE Auto Mate 

EE Auto Mate is everything customers need to manage their vehicle fleet, saving them time, money and stress. They can analyse driving data, vehicle health, manage expenses and even receive alerts if the vehicle is towed or common faults occur. They just plug the compact device into each of their compatible vehicles. Use the vehicle checker to check compatibility and setup instructions. Customers can monitor their vehicles through an online portal. As well as an app for the driver, there’s also an app for the fleet manager.

For more information, please speak to your BDM or contact our Partner Team on 0330 102 5627 or