Jenny Hammond is Chess Partner’s Business Partnership Manager at Vodafone. Responsible for the distribution strategy and the development of the channel, Jenny supports our team and our partners by providing product, commercials and processes training as well as service delivery. She is the main contact in case of any queries and escalations with the network.

Vodafone has changed and evolved in the last several years to improve the customer experience, the network and overall service. It has the reputation of building the best mobile network in the UK for the last three decades, which is constantly monitored to provide the highest level of performance and reliability.

Vodafone have also recently reviewed and launched new plans which suit the usage of the customers, as well as are currently rolling out their 5G proposition. Plus, they are going through a huge simplification programme – Zygo is closing in order for the network to focus on Gemini and the other platforms.

5G – Your Business Can Go Beyond Its Limits

• Vodafone are bringing 5G to 22 towns and cities in the UK, 15 of which are already live.
• They have secured the largest block of 5G Spectrum which means better coverage indoors and outdoors.
• Vodafone is the only network to offer 5G roaming in European countries. At the moment, it is launched in Germany, Italy, Spain with more to come soon.
• They have launched a 5G offering on 4G prices as well as Unlimited tariffs plans.


Key contacts include

Hollie Jervis
Customer Experience Leader

Nik Patel
Key Account Manager (Airtime)
07841 558881

Stewart Thompson
Business Development Manager (Airtime)
07798 744 444

Monica O’Callaghan
Business Development Manager (Airtime)

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