Be clear on your goals   

The first and most important thing about attending any industry event is what your expectations are. Have a clear idea which sessions you want to attend, what questions you want to ask and what information will enable business growth. The detailed agenda we have on our website can help you plan your visit. Make sure you check it out before the event.  


Choose the right sessions  

We advise our Partners to register for the deep dive sessions in advance. Your BDM will be able to provide support and guidance on which sessions will benefit your business strategy the most. You have a wide choice of sessions so if you decide you want to attend all we would recommend splitting them between you and a colleague – divide and conquer is the strategy!   


Network during breaks  

Skipping a day in the office or the field can be very difficult, and you may want to play catch up with your email during the breaks. However, to optimise your time at Channel Mix we would suggest that you use the breaks to network with other attendees. We organised a superb lunch during which you can visit the different product stands and speak to experts.    


Research and Connect with the speakers  

We are going to have six keynote speakers all experts in their field. To make the most of these talks you can read about the speakers in advance. Their profiles are on the events page. Another way would be to watch old videos of them at events. We regularly share on our LinkedIn and Twitter their past performances and more information about them. Please give us a follow to be kept informed.   


Get social at #ChannelMix   

We like to see how excited you are about the conference. We aim to build a telecoms community that will enable your growth. One of the easiest ways to stay in touch prior to the event is through social media. Use #ChannelMix to submit questions, opinions and any queries. It would be a perfect opportunity to generate some content and buzz around your channels, too. We will make sure to answer every one of you that engage with us.   


Hands ON the phone!  

You are business professionals who already know when not to use your phone. However, as a digital business ourselves we want to modernise every aspect of our operations, including our events. From Monday, 11th March, you can submit questions and fill in surveys. All you need to do is go to and use the #ChanneMix code to log into the event’s page. Pre-submit your questions here.  


Don’t be shy and follow up  

We will be in touch after the event to gather feedback, so keep an eye on your inbox. Make sure you also follow up with any experts you spoke on the day. Our team will be happy to organise for your company specifically demonstrations of the services you are interested in and to provide you with a tailored experience.   

You can still register for Channel Mix completely free of charge. The Chess Partner Conference is open to telecom resellers and our existing partners. Book your space online, on the events page, or by calling your BDM.