The report estimates that by 2030 there could be some 76,000 drones in the UK, employed by businesses in a range of key sectors.

The industries that could see the largest uplift are:

  • Wholesale, Retail Trade, Accommodation and Food Services, with a potential 2.5% increase
  • Public Sector, Defence, Health and Education (2.3%)
  • Technology, Media and Telecoms (2.1%)

The findings also projected that drone technology could potentially help the UK save up to £16bn in net cost savings.

The biggest savings could be made by the TMT sector, with a projected net saving £4.8bn.

The report goes on to project that across the UK there will be 628,000 people working in the drone economy.

The rise in the use of drones will be fuelled by a variety of factors.

PwC’s economic director, Jonathon Gillham, commented: ‘The technology brings the advantages of automating routine tasks, improving effectiveness, safety and reducing costs, and drones will free up people to focus on higher-value work.’

Baroness Sugg, Aviation Minister said: ‘They are already improving people’s lives – helping the emergency services and keeping key national infrastructure like rail lines and power stations safe.’

You can read the full report here