Private shuttle buses operated by Apple and Google have had their windows smashed in a spate of renewed attacks.

All assaults were on vehicles that were in transit, carrying employees to and from work, most likely involving pellet guns or stones. No employees have been reported injured.

As a precaution, services have been re-routed, although this has added another 30-45 minutes to a single journey.

The latest outbreaks of aggression seem to be a resurrection of the 2014 violence in protest at the perceived ‘gentrification’ of the San Francisco Bay area by some tech giants.

In these incidents, groups of disgruntled residents blocked and boarded buses, unfurled banners and distributed fliers in a show of their discontent at the inflation of rents and house prices, supposedly a result of the disproportionate wages offered by some tech employers.

While we hope that these latest incidents are isolated, polarisation of the San Francisco community may not be helped by Apple’s latest announcements that it is to award $2,500 in stock bonuses to every one of its 120,000 employees and create a further 20,000 new jobs in the US.