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iPhone 11 may feature new R1 co-processor

The Apple event is fast approaching and the Apple’s iPhone 11 handsets are likely to feature a brand new processor, alongside the new A13 series chips, according to reports this week. 

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Side-By-Side Comparison
In this episode, we compare the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 plus devices. Without a doubt, they are both powerful devices which can handle your day to day tasks.  We look into the features and review if the differences are worth the money. Let us know which one gets your vote?     
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Untangling the web of IT security

We head over to Sophos to discuss all thing IT and security with Jonathan Hope (Sophos) and Gavin Wood (Chess) asking those important questions, What do you need to protect your network, is public cloud secure and how you can train your staff to help against the fight of IT Security. 

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Live Coverage of Samsung Unpacked 2019

Samsung revealed what devices to expect for the remainder of 2019. Will all the rumours around the Note 10 be correct?

Will it be really worth our money? Watch our live breakdown of Samsung Unpacked 2019 and leave your comments below.

Your 'Note' Going To Believe It 😛.

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Apple wants to know your secrets

Coming up this week in Hive News Weekly, Siri listens in to your private conversations, Another Day another data breach this time from Capital One and Oppo unveils a phone that’s basically just a slab of glass.

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Pay Less Get More With Cloud Telephony

In The Hive, we are joined by Martin Bacon, Cloud Voice Specialist from Chess, who looks into the features, benefits and what options are available to you and your business.  Is your telephony system still stuck in the dark ages? Look at what you can do to move to the cloud and making business calls as simple as 1,2,3.

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Hive News Weekly - 26th July

Coming up this week in Hive News Weekly, Equifax receive the largest data breach fine in history, Have Qualcomm been naughty boys and girls and is it a bird or is it a plane? No, it's the Volocopter. The first flying taxi to take to the skies.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaks

This week we will be diving into the brand-new device that is due to be launched by Samsung, the Note 10. What features will the much-anticipated device be coming with? We will be jumping in and taking a look to see what the rumours and leaks online show and giving our predictions.  

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Hive News Weekly - 19th July

This week on Hive News Weekly, we look into Samsung's latest patent, FaceApp goes viral once again for the wrong reasons, Windows removing email accounts and IOS13 Beta 4 release details.

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What will you do when Windows 7 dies 😵

This week on The Hive, we chat with Paul Gibbons from Chess to discuss the end of life for Windows 7. What are the dangers of remaining on Windows 7 and what can you do to upgrade to Windows 10. There are some options which you and your business can do to make sure you stay ahead of the game and away from danger.

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Hive News Weekly - July 5th 2019

Here's your weekly Tech News, brought to you by the Hive.

This week we talk how you can now switch your mobile phone provider by a simple text, Google Maps adding a brand-new feature, Jonny Ive leaving Apple and more.

Can You Run Your Business On The Go?

In this episode, we have surfed the waves of the internet to find you some of the best apps any business will find useful for their day to day operations. Especially in the era of the Cloud. Does one of the Apps you use sit on our list.