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Digital Evolution Products

The digital evolution and better connectivity have increased the demand for cloud-based applications. Continue reading to learn how the current trends created this gap in the market and how you can leverage the hype to sell more products and earn better commissions.

Upgrade your business model through a billing platform

The transition of the Telecommunications industry to a digital sector that converges to a large extent with the IT and Tech sector has changed the customer demand and expectations for service. 

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The Vanity Play of 5G

5G is changing the telecoms landscape. It is one of the hottest topics in the industry press and not only, especially after the Huawei drama hit the papers. However, how is 5G going to affect your business? Watch the panel discussion to learn more. 

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10 Questions with Kerri Lendon, Customer Service Director - Partner

Telecommunications and Technology are very male-dominated industries. Chess Partner is proud to have three women on the leadership team. Our second blog from Meet the Team series is with Kerri Lendon, Customer Service Director.

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All Your Questions – Answered!

We spoke to Rob Kittler, Chess Partner’s Head of Airtime Sales, about the questions that are most frequently asked by our Airtime Partners.

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Six Top Tips to Improve Your Cloud PBX Sales

If you are not growing, we are not growing. Read our top tips on how to grow your Hosted VoIP sales. 

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Get your business in shape in 2019

Optimise Your Systems and Increase Profits with our Revenue Assurance Service.