2019 Round Up

2019's seen significant advances in technology, in a digital landscape that's evolving rapidly.

Here’s a round-up of just some of the technology issues, events and challenges that have characterised the year.

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Inside The Samsung Galaxy S10

Our working lives are busier than ever. We need a device with a great battery life that can handle all our daily tasks, that’s secure and looks good too.

In this video, we'll be seeing how the Samsung Galaxy S10 measures up.

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The Galaxy Tab Active 2 Reviewed

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 is the business rugged tablet, designed to adapt to all working environments.

Would Your Organisation Benefit From Leasing?

To make sure you’ve got the right tools to embrace new challenges, it’s crucial to invest in the right technology and expertise.

In the Essential Guide to Device Leasing, we explore the pros and cons of different funding models. 

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Can this replace your laptop?

With Samsung DeX you can connect your Galaxy flagship smartphone to a monitor/TV and gain a desktop-like experience.

Can Samsung Dex replace your day to day laptop? In this episode, see what happens when we swapped an Apple Macbook Pro with Samsung Dex for one week.

If you own a Samsung device (8th generation or later), why not give it a try and let us know what you think?

Devices from Chess

Empower your digital revolution, with leased devices, from Chess.

Time Is Running Out For Windows 7

Windows 7 is ten years old, and Microsoft are retiring the product in its entirety. This means that there will no longer be any updates. Businesses need to consider what they're going to do to move off it - because staying on Windows 7 represents a real threat.

Cloud Service Specialist, Paul Gibbons, talks about January 2020's Windows 7 end of life, and what that means for businesses.

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Is It Time For The Hammer To Fall

In this episode, we see if the Hammer 4+ device can live up to its name and be the most rugged smartphone ever. Rugged smartphones are great devices for anyone working in construction, aviation or similar. We put the Hammer 4+ Smartphone through its paces to see how it handles drop tests from a variety of different heights and environments.

Let's see if it really is time for 'the Hammer to fall...'

5 Microsoft Teams Features You NEED to know about!

In any business being able to communicate effectively is the key to success. You may have colleagues who work from home, out on the road or even in different offices around the world. And having a great communication and collaboration tool is a must-have.

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Device Refresh Programmes - A Strategic Approach

In this whitepaper, we consider factors at play when embarking on hardware refresh, including how mobile devices are disrupting asset lifecycle management; how to evaluate ROI and the alternative procurement models available.

Hands-on with the AGM X3 Rugged Smartphone

The AGM X3 is the rugged smartphone to beat, combining elegance with ruggedness at a price point that’s definitely premium. With components that rival current flagships, it easily tops our list of the best-rugged mobiles.

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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Multi-factor Authentication Solution

Read 8 Tips for Choosing the Right Multi-factor Authentication Solution – a guest blog post by SecurEnvoy - to help you make the right decision for your organisation.