Would Your Organisation Benefit From Leasing?

To make sure you’ve got the right tools to embrace new challenges, it’s crucial to invest in the right technology and expertise.

In the Essential Guide to Device Leasing, we explore the pros and cons of different funding models. 

Devices from Chess

Empower your digital revolution, with leased devices, from Chess.

7 Top Reasons To Lease Business IT

Leasing is the purchase model that more and more companies are opting for, according to Gartner, who estimate that by next year, 30% of business devices will be purchased through an opex model. Find out the Seven Top Reasons why.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Reviewed

Aimed at people who need to work on the go, but with the power of Windows 10, The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is a device which manages to combine lightweight portability with impressive processing power and battery life.

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Warning - Brexit Uncertainty to Trigger Supply Issues

Continued uncertainty around the UK's exit from the EU on 29th March looks likely to trigger disruption in the supply chain of many key IT suppliers, according to industry sources.

Introducing Your New Microsoft Office 365

Key Features
Set your office free with Microsoft® Office 365. Now more than ever, you need technology to be available round the clock – from capitalising on a hot lead to booking in a last minute meeting request.